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Recent News:

Thumbscript Development Launches Feather Touch Input Device for PCs
First hardware product now available for people who want releif from keyboard stress or who want a full keyboard you can hold in your palm.

Previously Reported:

AllNetDevices publishes Thumbscript White Paper online.
A review of issues and answers on the subject of text input in the Post-PC era.
Another Prestigious design competition: ID Magazine'sAnnual Design Review
Thumbscript comcept named for honorable mention, ID Magazine, August, 2000
Thumbscript Wins Gold in Business Week / IDSA Annual Design Awards:
In the Design Explorations category, Thumbscript achieves the highest level of recognition.
Thumbscript for Palm published in 2 new books:
Visor! I Didn't Know You Could Do That... and Palm Pilot & Palm Organizers! I Didn't Know You Could Do That!By Neil J. Salkind, Sybex.
May, 2000:
Toll free Phone Demo Up & Running. Call 1-877-THUM (THUM is in Thumbscript of course, 6-8 4-9 1-9 7-8)
April, 2000:
Thumbscript Beta software for Palm OS is available to use with all Palm OS applications.

Cyberbuzz.com - wired culture on your radio. #209
New York Magazine, October 11, 1999. 2000 Office, Pg. 84:
"For computer input that doesn't require a keyboard..."
Metropolis, October, 1999. Cutting edge NYC design magazine:
"Thumbscript, a new, less clumsy alphabet interface..."
Raygun, September, 1999:
"Two Thumbs Up! Need a faster way to communicate? Thumbscript may be the new shorthand."
Shift, October, 1999. Canadian publication for living in the digital culture:
"Proof that when it comes to innovation, millions of dollars in R&D will never trump the power of one good idea."

"Circuits" section of NY Times, Newswatch by Bruce Headlam, 5/27/99
"A New York design firm and a Scarsdale psychiatrist have teamed up to turn the standard nine button keypad of telephones, pagers, Palm Pilots and even television remote controls into a full keyboard"
Design Week, May 21, 1999. This British design weekly notes on page 3:
"Thumbscript claims to solve the problems of alphanumeric systems in use in the UK: slowness, the need to see the keypad and the lack of a complete character set."
Thumbscript was the feature article at www.wirelessweek.com on 5/26/99 by Bruce Felps.
"Handset makers think Thumbscript's biggest advantage is its innovation."


May 12 Press Release: Text.

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