Two New Palm OS Applications Free:

Download them with our Introductory Kit   now!

TS-QuickFox, a unique word game just for fun:

A pangram is a sentence that contains all the letters in the alphabet, like "The quick brown fox ran over the lazy dogs." This new application helps you create your own pangrams. We're sponsoring a contest too for the shortest, coolest pangram. What does this have to do with Thumbscript? We think people who like word games will like Thumbscript, too.

Our complete demo, Go-Thumbscript:

Our all new, free standing Palm OS application no longer requires Hack helper software and is beamable to your friends. You can even save your notes as Note Pad documents. Even if don't have a Palm, Visor, Sony, etc. this free download includes a desktop demo and a printable Thumbscript chart for you!

Why is this valuable software free? Yes we are nice people. Also, we want the World to know how great Thumbscript is for all kinds of mobile and handheld devices. Of course, when you get hooked on Thumbscript, you will want Thumbscript Pro, for full time availability with all Palm OS applications using a protective overlay placed on the Graffiti area of your Palm device.

Please contact us if you have any trouble with the download.

Also, sign up with Friends of Thumbscript to register for future updates.

Russian/Cyrillic Version of Go-Thumbscript in Beta. Download Now! Requires Tim Tashpulatov's CyrHack for Cyrillic functionality. View/print Quick Start Guide.

* This version requires the new version 0.5 of CyrHack. It is not compatible with version 0.49. so go to the CyrHack site and get the new version. Also included: our new Cyrillic Quick Trainer. We just ask you to give us your comments and report any problems. We hope you like this. Appologies for using English.

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