"One smart text input system for all devices."

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    Amazing Mobile Phones: We're joining Amazing Mobile Phones Resource Directory.

Our First Hardware Product: Thumbscript Feather-Touch Input Device™

    Thumbscript offers the neatest, smallest full keyboard ever for those who need a rest from banging keys. Available Now!

Announcing TS-Pro 2.0 for Palm, guaranteed faster than Graffiti!

This new version incorporates the latest Thumbscript technology including "Radial Recognition(TM)," for even more accurate and forgiving recognition.Get It Now! Previous purchasers are entitled to a free upgrade.


Two new free programs for the Palm OS.

Our Summer Intern, Supriya, Mahadeshwar has created TS.QuickFox, a free word game for Palm users. And there's a contest for the best original pangram!

We've also introduced an all new version of Go-Thumbscript, our Demo/Trainer for the Palm OS. This program can be beamed to your friends, and it gives a complete introduction to Thumbscript. You can even save notes you write using Thumbscript.  Get both programs now..

USPTO registers Thumbscript Trademark!

Look for the ® from now on in place of the old ™

TS Meets Wireless:

Our WAP test bed is ready to use. Now you can send e-mail using your WAP enabled phone. No mode shifting for punctuation, no computer guessing, just fast, fluid input with your cell phone keypad.Try It!

Nuts & Volts Magazine Features Thumbscript:

Premier electronic experimenter magazine publishes details of Thumbscript for hobbyists. June, 2001 issue.

Easy Licensing for students, hobbyists, researchers and small developers.

Thumbscript wants to see creative new applications for our technology. If you have something people will want to buy, we'll even help you sell it from our Store. We are granting free individual licenses to use our patented technology for personal projects or to help the disabled. In addition, we are developing an easy, no risk licensing arrangement for individual and small developers. To apply, fill out the Friends questionaire, and indicate your interest in either an experimenter or small developer license.

Floating Thumbscript: An experimental design for targetless text.

If you are already familiar with Thumbscript, look at our "Floating Thumbscript" concept that doesn't depend on absolute position, but allows fast, single-stroke characters with structured, positive recognition.

Russian/Cyrillic Thumbscript for Palm OS PDAs in Beta!

Beta testers wanted for Go-Thumbscript-Cyr. We want your feedback on our implementation. The Beta version requires Tim Tashpulatov's CyrHack. Go to Free! to download, and please fill out the Friends questionaire so we know our testers.

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