Free Software & Info:

1. Desktop: Try Java Demo
2. Palm OS: Go-Thumbscript and QuickFox, Free demo & word game
3. Phone Demo: Try Thumbscript from any US or Canadian Phone
4. White Paper: The Problem of Text Input with Small Devices
5. Thumbscript Feather Touch Input Device: Fact Sheet
6. Printable Thumbscript key & trainer: Thumbscript Learning Sheet.

1. Interactive, Self-teaching Java Demo.
For each letter, just press the the START key then the STOP key. Go to the Thumbscript Online Demo now. Java may take a few seconds to load.

Download the same Java/HTML Demo for use offline.

2. Palm OS users, get our free Palm Software.

3. Try our Toll Free Phone Demo at 1-877-THUM (684-9197). Just call and follow prompts. The same number gives access to our unique E-mail-from-any-phone service (Store)

4. Download our White Paper analyzing the challenges of text input for handhelds.

5. Get .pdf Fact Sheets for Thumbscript and our Feather Touch Input Device

6. Download a complete Thumbscript Learning Sheet for learning and reference.

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