Universal Text Entry Creates Opportunities:

Our Mission Is To Empower Others:

Thumbscript Development, LLC is focused on lincensing the Thumbscript technology for others to implement in the broadest range of applications. We are ready to discuss licensing for any application that will help spread the recognition and acceptance of Thumbscript as a universal text input system for the mobile world.

Opportunities at all levels of capitalization:

Possibilities range from a solo programmer interested in developing Thumbscript for Microsoft's Windows CE, to a small company producing a one hand keyboard for couch potatoes, to a Thumbscript Empowered WAP portal for web enabled cell phones.

Partnering and sponsorship:

We are interested in strategic partnerships where our technology can enhance others image or services. For example, our e-mail from any phone application allows users to send text messages to any pager with an e-mail address. We are open to partnering with a pager company to include our service as an added feature. We prefer to license to multiple vendors, but are willing to consider limited exclusivity.

Why Thumbscript is quick, inexpensive and easy to implement in any product:

Implementing Thumbscript is a simple matter of translating pairs of keystrokes into characters. The logic is about as simple as that of a TV remote control. This translation can take place in a device or at the other end of a phone line as with our e-mail from any phone system. For hardware, any standard keypad or phone will do. Our pen input system is far simpler than other handwriting recognition schemes. The complete software for the Palm OS occupies only 4k. It simply notes the pen-down and pen-up positions and looks up the character in a table. The bottom line is that positive text input can be implemented quickly and at minimal cost for any application.

Some Specific Ideas:

Cellular Phones:

While America awaits the explosion of internet enabled cellular phones, the problem of text input remains. Phone manufacturers are betting on predictive systems that allow one keypress per letter, but at best these systems are as cumbersome as 1-800-FLOWERS, and who wants to input a URL or email address using that system? Thumbscript can be implemented either at the handset or on the receiving end of the network, where pairs of keystrokes can be translated as received.

Two-way paging:

DeLuxe one-way pagers now contain a transmitter to confirm receipt of messages and signal the location of the pager. This is all the hardware and infrastructure needed to implement two-way paging. What is missing is an elegant solution to the problem of text input. A 9 button keypad taking up 1 square inch would transfrom this one-way pager into a full two-way device. The elegant prototype featured on our Home page is a finished design for just such a device.

Set-top Internet Controller:

Consumers are used to communicating with set-top cable boxes via infrared controllers, but the new boxes will need text input. Thumbscript is the natural way to interact with a set-top box from your couch.


Kids love codes, and Thumbscript is ultimately a code. Toy devices can implement text input at the cost of a keypad and simple logic. Since Thumbscript is visual, it is very easy for children to learn.

Information Please:

Traditional telephone directory assistance is expensive because of the need for human operators. This service can be completely automated with positive text input using Thumbscript.

Field Staff Call-in Systems:

Direct text input from any telephone allows staff to enter orders or access information on the go, without the company having to embrace specialized gadgetry or buy laptops for everyone.

Question: Why is the UPS driver's electronic device the size of a history book?

Pen-based devices are too delicate and require two hands. The next best solution was a rugged device with many specialized buttons taking up a lot of real estate. This device can be replaced by a comfortable, ergonomic one-hand gadget allowing textual input of the same information.

Downloadable Databases:

MP-3 players have all the technology needed for downloading databases instead of music files. What is missing is a text input system to allow searching. Picture a one-hand language translator into which you download the language of the country you are visiting and can add your own words at will.

Soon we will know how much we have suffered from the lack of Thumbscript!

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